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Is your station ready for the FCC?

Ar                   Is your station ready for a FCC Inspection?     

The most recent budget for the FCC  is underway with more inspections
 and more regulation under the current FCC administration. 

Can you afford fines of $10,000 or more per station?

 What about license renewal time?

 The best alternative to full blown FCC Inspections is the FCC’s plan 


 The Commission’s ABIP, established in 1996, is a voluntary program designed to facilitate licensee compliance with the requirements of the Act and the Rules and reduce Administrative burdens.  Under the ABIP, an entity, typically a state broadcast association or/a Nationwide Inspector conducts an inspection of a licensee’s station at the licensee’s request.  

If the station passes the voluntary inspection, the Commission's appropriate Field Office receives a notification, and does not subject the station to routine inspections for a specified period of three years.
Orchard Media Services has worked as a subcontractor with two State broadcast Associations
 (Calif &  Hawaii) for many years. Many station owners had stations all over the USA and these broadcasters  had to join each State Broadcast Associations where their station was located. The expense of membership and monthly fees plus added to the cost of inspections and coordination all these different state inspectors proved to be a challenging task.

 Orchard Media Services is a
 Nationwide ABIP Inspector


This means that no matter how many stations you have in numerous states, Orchard Media Services carries the rights, privileges and authority to conduct an ABIP inspection at your request. No need to pay association membership dues in multiple states. Plus, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that just one entity is providing information and reports regarding your stations compliance efforts.



Agreement between FCC and Ken and Kelly of Orchard Media Services.

Orchard Media Services has the authority to inspect
 Radio and Television Stations throughout all 50 States, Districts, Territories and
Possessions of the United States of America.

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