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Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The ABIP is an agreement between the Federal Communications Commission’s Enforcement Bureau and an entity; usually a state broadcast association, in which the entity arranges for the inspection of the broadcast station to determine compliance with FCC regulations. The inspections are conducted on a voluntary basis and the entities notify the local FCC District Office or Resident Agent office, in writing via letter of those stations that pass the ABIP inspection and have been granted a Certificate of Compliance. The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau standardized the existing Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) in 2003 to establish a specific, uniform arrangement for the inspection of broadcast stations. This information will be used by FCC to determine which broadcast stations comply with FCC Rules and will not be subject to routine inspections conducted by the FCC’s District Offices. Without this information, the FCC would not determine which stations should be exempt from random inspections.

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