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OMS Provides Peace of Mind for Broadcasters 

Orchard Media Services, Inc. (OMS) is a full service FCC Compliance Firm that specializes specifically in radio and television’s compliance efforts with regards to rules and regulations by the Federal Communications Commission.  With over 65 + combined years in broadcasting, Ken Orchard and daughter Kelly Orchard assist stations in developing and implementing an FCC Compliance Plan.            
OMS specializes in Public File organization, Political file, Weekly Station Log, EAS and EEO Compliance. We lead seminars, including online webinars to educate and train employees on the importance of FCC Compliance and conduct “mock” inspections of stations all over the country.

The combination of traditional broadcast engineering skills, along with the current current experiences working in the corporate broadcast setting makes OMS a winning team for outsourcing the crucial aspects of achieving, managing, and maintaining and FCC Compliance Plan for your stations.
     We feel that it is a tremendous opportunity to assist stations, and work in an area of broadcasting that is often neglected and overlooked due to the daily operations and challenges that face broadcasters today.
If you were to be asked:  In just one word to describe the condition of your Public Inspection File, or overall FCC Compliance, what would that word be?
If your initial response is:
"Needs Attention"
"Public File!  What's That?"
If you are concerned about your station’s FCC Compliance Plan:

Orchard Media Services can help you with your FCC Compliance Plan.
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The Federal Communications Commission could fine your
station up to $10,000 for not having an accurate and orderly Public File. 

The fine for missing documents is $4,000.
The FCC Enforcement Bureau is active and inspecting stations’ every month. 
 The word to describe your station’s: Public File, Political file,
 Weekly Station Log, EAS and EEO Compliance should be:


 That’s how our clients view our product and service.
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