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Who are Ken and Kelly Orchard?

Orchard Media Services:      

Ken Orchard and Kelly Orchard are father and daughter team with combined 65 years of broadcasting experience.  After building, owning and operating several AM and FM radio stations for more than 15 years, Ken and Kelly share the experiences of broadcasting in every aspect.  This unique quality, along with education and an entrepreneurial spirit have enabled Orchard Media Services to earn the respect and confidence of broadcasters all over the country.  Ownership has given the Orchard’s a unique and extensive knowledge of sales, programming, production, promotions, Public Affairs, Engineering and management.  They really DO understand the daily job of broadcasters.  Electing to specialize only in the area of FCC Compliance, Orchard Media Services is set apart from other industry consultants.

Orchard Media Services has an individual contract with the FCC for the Alternative Broadcast Inspection, which provides a service to broadcast radio and television stations to voluntarily have their station undergo a “mock” FCC Inspection. It’s a tremendous “insurance policy” against a random surprise inspection by the FCC.

Orchard Media Services provides peace of mind, and can help your station(s) with your FCC Compliance Plan. 
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 Ken Orchard:                                                             

Ken attended college in Los Angeles and graduated with Radio and Television Broadcast Degree.  This program also included classes in engineering.  Ken currently holds an FCC General License with radar endorsement, a Ham Radio License and a California Real Estate Brokers License (excellent for assistance in Real Estate acquisitions for broadcast ownership). 

      After college, Ken went to work in the engineering departments for a major AM-FM-TV group in Los Angeles in 1959.  That group was RKO General and included 93 KHJ, K-EARTH FM and Channel 9 Television.  After 20 years with RKO, Ken was ready to operate his own station.

      Over a 16 year period, Ken built and operated three FM radio stations and two AM stations.  All of which were built from “the ground up”.   One by one, the stations were sold and thus began another venture in the world of broadcasting.

      Orchard Media Services was founded due to one station manager not knowing what a Public File was.  After explaining to him that it was a “$10,000 fine”, Ken recognized a need in the industry that hadn’t been met.  With the changing rules, and all the requirements for keeping Public Files up to date, it didn’t take long for Orchard Media Services to gain a reputation as the leader in working with stations in the area of FCC Compliance.


       Kelly Orchard:                                                                  

While still a High School student, Kelly’s father turned on the transmitter to their first radio station.  In the years to come, Kelly would help her Dad build and operate several stations, including her namesake, “Kelly 95” in Bakersfield, California.  

  After operating radio stations for over 16 years with her family, Kelly set out to experience broadcasting from a different perspective, spending a few years in the Sacramento market working for Entercom and CBS Radio as an account executive.  She felt it was a great learning experience to have, working in a different culture of a corporation as opposed to sole ownership. Always seeking new and creative opportunities, Kelly quickly learned about Non-Traditional Revenue opportunities and started a small marketing company of her own.

      Kelly is an elite member of the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation "Broadcast Leadership Training" Program and along with a specialty in consulting broadcast stations in FCC Compliance issues, she focuses on Mental Health Issues. See Kelly's Blog, Kelly Orchard's Apple A Day, and her soon to be relaunched podcast, "Ps in a Podcast" promoting perpetual personal and professional growth.

      Kelly also holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Chapman University, and a Masters Degree in Psychology.