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FCC Compliance Plan

Does your FCC Compliance Plan
 Look Like This??


FCC Compliance Plan as low as $1000

Orchard Media Services IS your
 FCC Compliance Plan Specialists.

We create custom Public Files, Engineering Books and Station Logs - Each specific to your station's needs.

  • OMS can create, maintain and organize your Public Files
  • OMS can develop the proper forms for documenting all your FCC required records
  • OMS can work with your engineering staff to ensure FCC Compliance
  • OMS can certify your station so the FCC won't spot check you
  • OMS can schedule quarterly visits to give you advice and assistance
  • OMS can properly train your staff in FCC Compliance
  • OMS can help you avoid violations and costly fines

OMS is available to be your
Outsourced Public File Custodian.
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FCC Public File Violation is $10,000
Don't let this happen to you.

While stations are eliminating staff and downsizing, WHO is managing your Licensing Requirements and Insuring that your License is protected?

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We can HELP!

You need a FCC Compliance Plan, and it can be Outsourced to Orchard Media Services.


  • Just one person inspecting all your stations!
  • Just one person working on your station’s public files!
  • Just one person designing standardized forms for your political files!
  • Just one person designing standardized forms for your public files!
  • Just one person designing uniform, FCC compliant station logs for your group’s

                Radio and TV stations!


 all your stations completely FCC compliant eliminating the potential for costly and unnecessary fines!

But wait, there’s more:


just one person inspecting your group’s prospective radio and TV property acquisitions or the broadcast outlets you are preparing to market and then preparing and submitting a comprehensive due diligence report outlining each property’s FCC compliance status.


avoiding the recent FCC fines (as high as $71,000) that have been levied at other stations for a variety of violations including public files, EAS problems, main studio rules violation and other technical offenses such as multiple AM tower violations including registration numbers, lack of station logs, monitor and remote control issues, signs and fence violations and more.


hiring Orchard Media Services to personally inspect and consult with your local management and engineering staff to discover, uncover and correct all danger areas within your operation that render your properties vulnerable to costly FCC fines!

Since 1999, Orchard Media Services under the ABIP (Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program) has provided this unique and valuable service to hundreds of radio and TV stations in the Western United States. Now, under a new long term agreement with the FCC itself, Orchard Media Services is offering this specialized and urgent service to your stations and groups in all 50 states, territories, districts and possessions of the United States. 

After each inspection you will receive your complete due diligence report indicating areas of vulnerability and a recommendation of necessary corrections. Upon completion of each and every correction, each station receives a three-year certificate halting all routine FCC inspections.


Getting started today! Call or e-mail now to book your inspection. Have Orchard Media Services be your next station visitor, not the FCC!